I am very excited to offer you the opportunity of joining me in my first International 5 Day Nail Workshop. This in-depth Workshop will introduce you to the technique’s you’ll need to start your Nail Career. I believe in ‘HANDS ONlearning. From day one we will be learning all of the techniques HANDS ON :) It’s the best way to learn. I will be teaching this workshop myself, personally guiding you and observing your technique, so that I can give you hands-on tips and you can, of course, ask me questions.




Introduction to the Nail Business, Nail Kit Review,  Anatomy of the Natural Nail Structure and Manicures, for the Natural Nail  (Basic to Advanced), Diseases of the Natural Nail, MMA Discussion, Product Knowledge , Paraffin Treatments, Nail Prep, Polish Application, Gel Polish Application, Basic Nail Art, Gel and Polish Removal, Preparation of the Natural Nail, Form Application  - Suzie will explain the next day’s events to prepare you  - we will get into product Application.


This is when we dive into APPLICATION - I will walk you through step by step and even walk about the room continually giving you one on one training - this is important because each student is unique in how they learn. On this day we will learn how to build structure, the importance of it, how to correct it, we will begin playing with Tips, Gel and Acrylic. We will learn to build beautiful and structurally sound Nails with all of these Systems, we will learn how to create New Sets, and learn the restructuring of Nail Fills, I will show you how to troubleshoot every aspect of nails and the daily stresses clients hands go through during and in between fills. Drill and Hand filing  - how to correctly do both. I will show all the right tricks and techniques when using a hand file. Then I will show you the advantages of using a drill and what difference the RIGHT drill can make. Troubleshooting BOTH Drill and Hand Filing. I will show you how to manage your time during new set and nail fill applications. You will learn the PROPER bits to use in your drill to Maximize your time during a nail appointment. I will show you how to shape a Square, Round, Sqround, Sqoval, Oval, Pointed, Stilletto, Almond and Coffin (Ballerina) - I will teach you the best way to shorten all of these shapes and also how to effectively remove an enhancement. I will show you the most effective way to create the FADE with Glitter and with Creme Acrylics and Gels. I will show you the most effective way to create the very difficult French Nail. If competition is something you are interested in I will explain to you the Competition Nail and what judges are looking for. 


It’s TIME FOR ART! I will teach you INLAYS with Gel and Acrylic - the Optimum way to adhere Gems and Pixie Crystals and Charms to your clients Nails, so they don’t come off till your client is ready. Learn how to Stamp, Layer and paint I will teach you Hand Painting and How to use a Calligraphy pen. Learn how to create very simple adorable designs with dotting tools, and nail polish and Gel Polish. Learn how using colour can maximize your artistic options. If your skills are up for it I will show you the tools and technique for hand painting. I will show 3D Flowers and One Stroke Nail Art.


GAB Session: Let’s talk about Building your clientele, how to attract the type of client you want, How to read clients, how to KEEP them. This day is also a FREE day  - it’s a chance for you the student to pick up ANYTHING you would like to revisit - we will also cover Social Media and how you can use this to build a name for yourself. I will also share a tips on how to market and photograph your pics. This day will be a celebration as it is the first day you will start you career as a Nail Tech :) This day we will present your certification and I will provide a professional evaluation for each of you of your strengths and what you can focus on for being your best.

After your training it doesn’t end there - Nails are about learning the “RIGHT” technique and practicing it over and over - but you’ll need advice along the way, and I am here, you can email me anytime to my personal email  I will provide upon the last day of the workshop, and I will answer as quick as I can with details to help you out, and of course after my workshop my videos will make much more sense,  it’s also Picture day.


5 DAY NAIL WORKSHOP,  Acrylic and Gel Nail Kit, Nail Art Kit, Your Reference Books, Certification of Completion.
6 Nights at 4 star Hotel in Victoria BC.
2 meals a day (breakfast, lunch with beverages and snacks throughout the day)
Transportation from Hotel everyday to Workshop Location in the morning each day of class, and Transportation back to hotel after each day of workshop. 
Pick up at Hotel 9:30 am every morning Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri. 
Pick up at Workshop location every night at 6pm returning to your hotel by approx 6:30pm.

If you would like to pursue Suzie’s 5 Day Nail Workshop please fill out and submit the FORM below. Suzie will then send you an email with further details regarding your stay in Victoria, including things to do in downtown Victoria, total costs, deposit and payment method.


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'I am looking forward to meeting you - we will have so much FUN - That’s what Creating Nails are ALL ABOUT - I’ve been living it for 30 years - Let’s Get STARTED! :) '